Amrith Vengalath

A Google quiz that helps you spot email phishing scams better.

· Amrith Vengalath

Many people fall for those bogus emails which range from attractive shopping offers to fake emails telling you to secure your online accounts. Identifying a phishing email might not be easy as you think. You may only realise that you clicked a malicious link after it’s done.

So what is a Phishing email?

A phishing email is a mail sent by an attacker to his victim to make them click on a link and make them enter their sensitive information or download malware. Most of the emails we receive are in HTML. So we can’t say that the link displayed on our screen is the one you are gonna visit as in the example below.


Here the link shown to us is but the actual link is You get to know how to spot most of the phishing emails by taking this quiz from google

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